Myths and Facts about Hospice

Myth: Hospice means that I am giving up and will die sooner.
Fact: The earlier a patient receives care, the more opportunity there is to stabilize the patient’s medical condition and address other needs which sometimes can result in extended quality of life.
Myth: Patients can only receive hospice care for a limited amount of time.
Fact: There is no limit to the amount of time a patient can receive hospice care.
Myth: Hospice services are very expensive.
Fact: At Bridgeway Hospice, we believe that everyone has a right to high quality end of life care and will provide care, regardless of health benefits.
Myth: Hospice services are only offered to the elderly or to patients who have cancer.
Fact: Bridgeway Hospice provides care to any individual facing a life limiting illness, regardless of their age. More than two thirds of the patients receiving care, in fact, do not have cancer.
Myth: I can no longer see my personal doctor if I choose hospice.
Fact: Bridgeway Hospice encourages the continuation of a normal relationship between patients and their physicians.
Myth: I have to sign a DNR if I choose hospice services.
Fact: Bridgeway Hospice does not require patients to sign a DNR to be admitted to hospice.
Myth: I have to be homebound to qualify for hospice.
Fact: There is no requirement that hospice patients be homebound.